Sunday, June 28, 2009

Description of design feature

"" is a good website.

-the background color does not interrupt the text.
-the text is big enough for reading, but not too big.
-the columns of text are narrower than in book to make reading easier on the screen.


-the navigation buttons are easy to understand and use
-navigation is consistent throughout web site.

-links are clear to the visitor
-all the link have colour.


-the buttons are not big and dorky.
-every graphic link has a matching text link.

General Design
-page download quickly
-first page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space.

Key Elements of the web site (the 7Cs)

**This post will be identifying and explain the key elements of a web site, the 7Cs**

the context of a website means that, how does a people feels when looking at the website.
Homepage of TGV

For TGV cinema website, they using hybrid design, which is a combination of aesthetic and functional design. Means that the website has a very distinct look-and-feel, which is artistic, visually appealing, and completely consistent in the use of color palette and graceful navigation. But also having section breakdown just like functional design.

Content refers to any digital information included on a website, which is focus on "what" is presented in the website.
Homepage of TGV

As we can see above, which is the homepage of TGV Cinema website, we can say that they using offering mix for their dimensions of content. Which means the content of this website include products, information, and services. While the content type of this website are time-sensitive content. The content of this web site have a very short shelf life, which is always need to be updated. It is because this is a cinema web page, a cinema web site will always change the content of it when there are new movies comes into the market.

Community is a interwoven relationships upon shared interest, which encourage customers to return to a website. But not all site should offer community functionality because it is just a strategy decision. For "", they do not provide community funcionality in their web site.

Customisation is a site;s ability to modify itself to or be modified by a user. The dimensions of customisation of this website is personalisation, which means that cutomisation initiated and managed by the user.
Registration Form

Log in

Personalization allows users to specify their preferences in content selection, context selection, and personalized tools. TGV web site, allows log in registration and personalized E-Mail configuration.

refers to the communication between the website and the users, this website provide communication in forms of firm-to-user and user-to-firm. While the dimensions of communication is interactive, which means there is two-way communication between the organization and a user.
Feedback Form

User input such as user rating of suppliers, user feedback, and customer service are some example of interactive communication.

Connection is the degree to which a give site is able to link to other sites. Usually are presented to the user as underlined and highlighted words, a picture, or a graphic. For TGV Cinema, they using links to sites dimension of connection. Which is take the user completely outside the home site and into a third-party site. An example of links given below:

Link to Another Web Site

A Third Party Website

Commerce means a transactional capacity of a site example the sale of goods, products, or services on the site. The dimensions of commerce of TGV cinema website is credit card approval and order through affiliates, because TGV web site allows people to book their movie's ticket or do payment by using their credit card.

Allows Payment by Credit Card

Bookings are Available


Reason what would encourage me to make a return to visit to the web site

The main reason that encourage me to take a visit to this web site is for getting more information of new movies. Many information that i would like to know about some movies can been found here, information like the showtime of movies, place of the movies going to show, the movies that showing on the cinema, movies that coming soon, synopsis of every movies, new discount that given by the cinema and many other information. I also can book or buy ticket by using TGV Cinema web site, which will save alot of time rather than going to the cinema earlier and line up for buying a ticket. This web site really brings a lot of convenience to all the user. I will always make a return to the web site when I need to book tickets and get information of the movies.